Why are you in business?

Are you in business to create a job for yourself or the achieve financial freedom. I know on average most people go to business to achieve financial freedom but yet we get all tangled up in the day to day stress of running our business. I was at my daughters soccer practice and she was paired with a girl who loved to hug the ball so much she forgot the main point of the exercise was to score a goal into the net. Her eyes were too focused on the ball and not enough on the goal that even though my daughter did not get to kick the ball much she won the game because the few times she was able to get the ball she made it her purpose to score a goal. As business owners we are often like my daughters opponent:  Our eyes are too focused on the ball and not enough on the goal. We need to keep our eyes on the goal and  learn to pass on the ball to others who can help us score a goal. Being a ball hugger will not take us very far. At Financial Keepers we team with you to help you on track to scoring that goal. Call 217 -899-6291 to see how we can help. www.fkoutsource.com


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