Penny wise but pound foolish

So it is the end of the year and you have this big pile of cash sitting in your account. You fear that if you do not spend it you will have to pay huge taxes on this cash.


This problem is typical of most successful small businesses. The only way most business owners feel they can advert this tax is by making a huge purchase which by the way is not really necessary. So now this business owner has spent $20,000 to avoid an additional $5,000 in taxes. I call this penny wise and pound foolish for while he/ she has adverted $5,000 in taxes he is out of an extra $15,000. It is never a wise purchase to buy things you do not need to “save money”.  So what happens next year, there is not enough money to cover inventory and now the business has to go into debt to cover expenses and this vicious cycle goes on year after year.

Be sure to hire a professional if you do not understand how to evaluate how your business is really doing.



“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

Between the screen and window?

I watched a fly trapped between the screen and window. It just flew tirelessly around the available space trying to find a way out. Even though there was a clear open space on the bottom of the window, the fly will not fly lower to get out even though this is the way it got there in the first place. Poor fly, it really seemed confused.

Do you sometimes feel like that fly: trapped between the screen and the window. Always moving but never getting anywhere. Its almost like you are moving around in circles. If this feels like you, there is good news – there is a lot of space on the bottom if you are only willing to fly lower. Where there is a will, there is always a way and what we need most of the time is a change in perspective. There are lots of ways to get this change. For me it may be studying my Bible or reading a good book that changes my point of view. A new perspective helps me gain momentum to strive to achieve what I was created for.

Why do smart people do foolish things?

The answer is found in one simple word – worry. When we worry we lose our ability to think coherently and are literally not in our right mind. Things we will not have even considered doing in our calm state all of a sudden look like viable options when we worry.  Worry has never served good to anyone and is totally pointless. I personally deal with worry by re-focusing my attention to  my creator. We all need a mechanics to deal with this thief that comes to steal  our very life. People who worry a lot are like the living dead:  They are alive physically but dead in every other way.

Are you still dialing the wrong number?

I feel silly telling you this but about a year ago I bought a new phone and just figured out how to use the voicemail system. You see on the last couple of phones I have owned, the number to dial out to get voicemail has always been the same. However, on this new phone it was a different set up.  When someone called and I was not available I simply called back and they will always assume I have heard their message. Just recently when I was playing around with my phone I discovered why my voicemail system did not work properly, I WAS DIALING OUT THE WRONG NUMBER. I immediately changed the programming and old messages that were left on the system started coming through. The question that came to my mind at this point is:

How many times do we force things to work just because it has always worked that way in the past?

 In today’s world, where things are continuously changing we have to be proactive and consistently find solutions that work for today’s problems. We have to learn to dial out the right numbers or ask for help when we cannot find the right number to dial. I claimed I was too busy to call the phone company because past experience was telling me I will probably spend about an hour or more on the phone with them. However that one hour I had refused to spend cost me about 10 hours over the year I have owned this phone.

So my question to you is are you dialing the right number or are you seeking understanding of what right numbers you should be dialing?