Are you still dialing the wrong number?

I feel silly telling you this but about a year ago I bought a new phone and just figured out how to use the voicemail system. You see on the last couple of phones I have owned, the number to dial out to get voicemail has always been the same. However, on this new phone it was a different set up.  When someone called and I was not available I simply called back and they will always assume I have heard their message. Just recently when I was playing around with my phone I discovered why my voicemail system did not work properly, I WAS DIALING OUT THE WRONG NUMBER. I immediately changed the programming and old messages that were left on the system started coming through. The question that came to my mind at this point is:

How many times do we force things to work just because it has always worked that way in the past?

 In today’s world, where things are continuously changing we have to be proactive and consistently find solutions that work for today’s problems. We have to learn to dial out the right numbers or ask for help when we cannot find the right number to dial. I claimed I was too busy to call the phone company because past experience was telling me I will probably spend about an hour or more on the phone with them. However that one hour I had refused to spend cost me about 10 hours over the year I have owned this phone.

So my question to you is are you dialing the right number or are you seeking understanding of what right numbers you should be dialing?


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