Between the screen and window?

I watched a fly trapped between the screen and window. It just flew tirelessly around the available space trying to find a way out. Even though there was a clear open space on the bottom of the window, the fly will not fly lower to get out even though this is the way it got there in the first place. Poor fly, it really seemed confused.

Do you sometimes feel like that fly: trapped between the screen and the window. Always moving but never getting anywhere. Its almost like you are moving around in circles. If this feels like you, there is good news – there is a lot of space on the bottom if you are only willing to fly lower. Where there is a will, there is always a way and what we need most of the time is a change in perspective. There are lots of ways to get this change. For me it may be studying my Bible or reading a good book that changes my point of view. A new perspective helps me gain momentum to strive to achieve what I was created for.


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