A quick checklist for starting a business

Checklist for Starting a New Business


Background Work

  • assess your strengths and weaknesses
  • establish what problems you will like to solve
  • assess your financial resources
  • identify the financial risks
  • determine the start-up costs
  • do market research
  • identify your customers
  • identify your competitors
  • develop a marketing plan


Business Transactions

  • select a lawyer
  • choose a form of organization (proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, for example)
  • create your business (register your name, incorporate the business, etc.)
  • select an accountant
  • prepare a business plan
  • set up a business checking account


First Steps

  • get business cards
  • obtain a business license or permit (if applicable)
  • get a federal and state employer identification number (if applicable)

2 thoughts on “A quick checklist for starting a business

  1. Hi there Evelyn! It’s Racine. I’ve enjoyed your site. Outstanding accomplishments!! I’ll be talking to Marke about what you have to offer. God Bless!!!

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